Changing Bike Symbols

Nice little funny Flikr featuring lots different bikes that have been painted in bike lanes. Hmmmmmmmmm yep, bikes painted in bike lanes, super.

James Joyce

James Joyce is one of the reasons and main influences i wanted to become an illustrator/designer. His use of colour, simple yet effective compositions and visual language are all outstanding. So much so he is one of the very few hybrid designers who can present work in a variety of formats and create a constant brand identity. Inspirational...

Antenne Books

Lots of lovely independent books and publishing's. Being able to flick through with a little video is a nice feature. Check the blog here.

James Ward and Friends (Bears)

This guy loves bears and he draws them superbly well!!! Buy your mum or girlfriend or boyfriend one of his bear plates here.

Hato Press

I bloody love theses guys and girls! All there publications are articulate and straight up fantastic, the attention to detail in the finish is something I strive to have in my work. They specialize in working with a Risograph RP 3700 (which is basically an electronic screen print machine), the finish is beautifully tactile. Working with high profile clients such as the Barbican and the V and A the future is sure bright with Hato Press. You can send your stuff over today to get printed at the highest quality, who knows they may even publish your book?

Jonnie Craig

I brought myself a little Christmas pressie this year being a artist book with a collection of this guys work in. All of his images seems to tell a story, generally a humorous one. Cant go wrong with a funny bit of photography... but its not all that, capturing a point nobody else would look at twice and making it a point of interest... i guess i know what i mean!?!?!?!?

Ryan McGinley

Honest beautiful fun photography. I love the colour the feel the tactility of the pieces, you get a sense of cold, excitement of want in this pictures. God knows where these places are but they are truly amazing...

Maxime Francourt

Fun, funky, colorful all words i want to describe the work i do and they are certainly the ones that come to mind with Maxime Francourt's work. Working out of Canada, Francopurt has worked with numerous oversees clients. Graphics???? Illustration???? Who cares i love it...

No Layout

A great collection of independently published books focussing on artist books and fashion magazines. This website allows you to showcase your own publications or just have a gander at an impressive archive of work. This website really is worth a good long look at, indulge...

Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson sadly passed away back in 1996, he was a fine artist like no other. Creating photo realistic photo's from sculptures, at first glance i thought the artist had just spent his career photographing fat americans but no he just sculpted them individually.... pretty amazing.