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A great collection of independently published books focussing on artist books and fashion magazines. This website allows you to showcase your own publications or just have a gander at an impressive archive of work. This website really is worth a good long look at, indulge...

Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson sadly passed away back in 1996, he was a fine artist like no other. Creating photo realistic photo's from sculptures, at first glance i thought the artist had just spent his career photographing fat americans but no he just sculpted them individually.... pretty amazing.

Jiggery Pokery

These girls (Lauren and Anna) clearly have a wicked sense of humour, and it shows in their unique style of work. They have featured on the front cover of Creative Review, and work in all areas art direction, photography and film... i guess thats 'jiggery pokery'??? Big things are expected from these girls in 2011... watch this space.

Jolby and Friends

This is the creative collaboration between Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, both american meeting in San Diego. Their styles bounce of each other very well making a smooth fun and attention grabbing mix. Attention to graphic detail and mark making is something to be desired, yum.

The Fairy Tale Project

A really great project which includes over 20 designers who have got together to illustrate one big fairy tale. Not to sure if there is going to be a printed version but i sure hope there will be, UWE's very own Jack Hudson is one of the contributors.

Ryan Haywood

Ryan Haywood's work is a compilation of line, texture, narrative and original styling. They are humorous drawings with a nieve style yet hold a distinct grown up direction. Ryan sells his zines and artist books through Cafe Royal Books, they are pretty nice.....

Alessandro Gottardo

Alessandro Gottardo's work in my eyes is massively understated, there is no real imagery that grabs you buy the scruff of the neck and demands attention, i feel they offer a more subtle (walking around an exhibition style glance) respect. They offer a glimpse alike a mystical mirror look into a snippet of someone's life, a split second of reality held forever in his lens (wow deep). Check out Woody Allen's portrait and you'll see what i mean...

Andy Remeter

Andy Remeter is an american designer/illustartor, who has caught my eye for a long time with the weekly cartoon 'Techno Tuesday'. His work is funny, to the point and always finished to an incredibly high standard (check his new robots). Patterns, colour, characters, design, graphicly wonderful!!!

Cafe Royal Books

Great site for artist books and underground little graphic diamonds, zines and fanzines... Cafe Royal Books was set up by Craig Atkinson who's work has been a big influence on my own, taking his interest and passion on a global scale ( LA, Japan, Belrin etc) is inspirational.

Sophie Calle

Im currently looking at developing a 4 part book which looks at things lost, things found and the idea of items having worth and in time loosing this worth. In my research I found artist Sophie Calle, she has a expansive history in alot of different areas spanning from photography to instillation art. Her ideas are thought provoking and deeper the the initial imagery she presents, she delves into the private side of art.

Cargo Collective

A great way to make an easy website and stay in contact with other designers. Also a nice little place to source new media.

Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson graduated from the course i am on last year and his first year in industry has been a very rewarding one. With a commission from the almighty Google starting him off it was a bloomin' good start, his acute style and attention for detail is something people have clearly taken note from.

The Beast Magazine - Thomas Schostok

This work is crafted by german designer Thomas Schostock {ths}, there is so much love and attention visible in his work. Have a look at this magazine Schostock created named Beast Magazine. This amazingly crafted layered beauty is available for free download as a PDF. Schostock's work is reminiscent of Neasden Control Centre, that graphic control amongst ultimate chaos is harder then it looks. Lovely stoooooof... Oh check out Cape Arcona Type Foundary, Schostock set this up in 2002.

Foot Print

Looking for a place to print your zines and want to feel like your saving the planet at the same time then send your pdf's to these guys... The website also is a good spot to see about art fairs and zine stuff, general funk. Who would have thought, an eco printers?

Nous Vous Collective

I have known these guys as long as I have wanted to get into design and they have always been a focal point for me when thinking about composition and finish, they really do make wicked little tings. Nous Vous are Jay Cover, William Edmond and Nicholas Burrows; they were based in Leeds but the draw of the big smoke was to much for these northern lads so now they are 'dawn sath'...

James Kape

Beautifully well thought out simple yet devilishly complex idea generation here from James Kape. Think about this then look at his work, told you...

Danny Gretscher

I stumbled across Danny Gretscher while walking around the inspirational area of Kreuzberg in Berlin. The subtle cross over of imaginative mark making and vibrant naivety makes Gretcher's work fun and engaging. It works so well in 2D and 3D, something it seems Danny tries to bring into to exhibition spaces.

Newsapaper Club

If like me you appreciate a good bit of newsprint and lovely designs on them check out this amazing archive of..... 'design on newsprint'. This company also do newsprint to order which is an ingenious idea you send them the PDF and they send you a lovely finished piece... brilliant.

Danny Cooke - Film on David A Smith

Danny Cooke is a Devon based film maker and photographer, not to sure quite how many they have down there but here is one... Check out this quality little short documentary on 'gold leaf mirror making'???? I couldn't quite get my head around what the heck was going on but i know one thing its ridiculously impressive. This is all from the incredibly skilled David A Smith, this guy deserves some serious praise. Watch the documentary HERE.

Sixpack France - Artist's and Co.

A great collection of prints, t-shirts and artist books from illustrators, artists, and graphic designers from around the world. The tee's are quite nicely priced and im pretty sure you wont see any 'dikheads' wearing them... This website has a great blog to keep up to date with Sixpack France's designers work, there is also an EVENTS page to let people know what's going on in Europe and beyond. Oh and yeh this is a french company...

Ryan Todd

I love the way Ryan Todd's work sits in the little gap that can be found between the serious grounding of graphic design and the playful art of illustration. His book 'Another Way' is a witty look at life's ordinary patterns as it says in... 'another way'. Ryan creates work for Duke Press which is a lovely independent artist book shop/supporter of great things in forms of press. Check them out, lovely stuff.

Eat Your Own Ears

Multi-genre label who looks to showcase new artists no matter what their general scope is. They look to organise nights at all sorts of venues across London, i hope they look to expand EYOE further then the big smoke, we'll see... Oh and their posters aint half bad either.

Jem Cohen

Jem Cohen ( born 1962, Kabul Afghanistan) is a New York based well strictly a Brooklyn based film maker/photographer. His films are gritty, experimental, one offs, depressing, euphoric, emotional, raw... They include BENJAMIN SMOKE (with Pete Stillen), LOST BOOK FOUND, and the amazingly intense INSTRUMENT (with Fugazi). Cohen was intensively involved in the safeguarding the rights of photographers in New York City, he plainly loves it... The polaroids have a great connection to his directional film making, i think you will agree in saying they are beautiful.

Harriet Russell

Beautiful little ideas here from Miss Russell who studied north of the border up in the distant lands of Glasgow and finished her studies down in the big smoke (CSM to be exact). Her creative mind is told through the idea of tales as well as exquisite dainty drawing, they are plainly beautiful things. If you like nice drawings and imaginative little ideas check her blog too.

The Church of London

Creative Agency 'The Church of London' look to reach people in all areas quite literally all of them, film, animation, art direction, magazines, zines, contract publishings, web design and in all this they still have time to run their own publications 'Little White Lies' ( film magazine ) and 'Huck' ( alternative lifestyle magazine) both great reads and are distributed world wide. Something tells me these guys don't sleep....

David Sparshott

I first saw David Sparshott's work at an exhibition last month at Howies in Bristol, its quite raw very fun and all together some of the most engaging drawings i have seen in a long time. Especially check out the pieces he has done for the times, they combine some of my favourite things, good honest mark making and footy. I like the way David is able to do numerous editorial and personal pieces that seem to be all going in the same direction, basically he is a lucky sod to draw what he wants and get paid for it.

Alex Ostrowski

This idea based graphic designer is a alumni of University of West England, his fun and eccentric problem solving has attracted work from Creative Review and The Guardian. Check out the project 'The Happiest Book in the World' it is a lovely bit of work.

Adam Batchelor

Stumbled across this young illustrator the other day and instantly i was attracted to the way in which he draws and the messages within them. His work centers around the idea of human relationship within its culture, his more recent work looks at pop consumerism as a contrast to the third world. Deep.......... and amazing.


SNASK is a multi disciplined studio based in the depths of Sweden, their individualistic yet distinctive approach to a variety of different challenging briefs is something i admire, alot alot. They have a great ability to create one off identities something you will note in their portfolio, and their advertising campaigns are second to none, well maybe Saatchi? Check their blog here.

Rose Blake

Rose Blake is a London based illustrator who graduated from Kingston University, she was lucky (or probably just because she is so damn good) enough to win the D+AD award for Best New Blood. Rose is also part of the collective 'This is It', check it out. My favourite thing Ms Blake has done is definitely her T-shirts for the Talking Heads, amazin'. (buy it here)

Jenny Bowers

Commissions include work with Channel 4, AOL, BBC and Creative Review. Her work is very cut out and paste yet it has a quality that brings in pattern and superb colour palettes. Her work makes me very happy, i think it would be impossible for Jenny Bowers to do something sad but why would she....... Check out Jenny's agency Peepshow here lots of nice stuff going on.

Emma Rendel

This girl is from Sweden, sorry no pics of her lovely face but please check out her lovely work. Emma is interested in violence, embarrassment, loneliness, melancholy, human shortcomings, depressions, veganism and jaffa cakes. Wow they sure make em nice in Sweden ey.........

James Laurie

Simple yet very rewarding responses here from recent graduate James Laurie, his ability to answer a question in the simplest form is what makes him stand out from the crowd.

Stefan Marx

Brilliant mark maker and entertains with it, Stefan looks to bring an experimental design style yet it remains familiar. Not to sure if that sums him up so just check him out for yourself. I love it......... Also check out his books for sale at this wicked on line zine shop ( Nieves Store ), so many great things there.

Antti Uotila

Antti Uotila is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Helsinki, he studied graphic design in the University of Art and Design, Helsinki and Tama Art University, Tokyo (what a mix). His use of pattern work and photography is something i am loving at the moment and he nails it. Mr Uotilla works for Finish agency PEKKA which showcases the best of Finland's illustrators and graphic designers.

Matthew Hodson aka Matt The Horse

I met Mr Matthew Hodson aka Matt The Horse 3 years ago whilst on my Foundation in Leeds (he was my tutor), he was a fantastic person to have around whilst experimenting with illustration and graphics. Recently he has done work with illustrator Jon Boam and Nobrow Press which has brought him to the attention of many people. He has also started a great little t-shirt company aptly named H-O-R-S-E which sells limited edition hand printed tee's for 20 nicker, bloody bargain. I think we will be seeing much more from Matt...............

Enter The Void

This film is visually ridiculous, when i saw it i felt like my eyes were actually bleeding (in a good way). Directed by Gaspard Noe who directed controversial film Irreversible, Noe does not dissapoint here hitting the screen with a big visual treat. Its showing at cinema's nationwide not your showcase's more your smaller independent cinemas, genuine must see although not for the faint hearted. Enter the Void.

Hatch Show Print

These guys have been bouncing around the deep south of america since 1879, and all this time they have been making banging posters that just make you want to touch them up. Tactile i think is the word i'm searching for? The process of print has not changed since day one as explained here by some lovely gent. As he says Hatch just kick with a larger boot...... Check it


This lovely little collective, aptly named Plats (which is Swedish for space apparently) are based in London have done shows as far stretched as Germany. They have a fantastic attitude to muti-disciplinary design. Plats look to offer film, illustration, photography and instillations which you can check out here. Here is a great little video crafted by Laurie Innes called International Politics, it was produced for YCN for Christian Aid..... lovely.

New use for this lovely space..........

From now on i am going to post lots of lovely things i find on t'internet. So if you like looking at new and exciting drawings, film, photography, funky candles or anything that i feel others should see then pop back here daily to see what i have found.

Alex Green (MSTR Gringo) x

JC Poster 2

JC Poster 2, originally uploaded by MSTR GRINGO.

Rituals project playing with the icon we all know as Jesus........ Teej??????

JC Poster

Still playing with the idea of religion....... this is paint on card...........

Exquisite Heroes Poster

I had s few play around playing 'exquisite heroes' and i created this poster...........

Shoreditch Revisited

I spent a few days in Shoreditch with my mate Mr.Hanson and was suckered up into the vibe. This is a little montage for my stay........