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A great collection of independently published books focussing on artist books and fashion magazines. This website allows you to showcase your own publications or just have a gander at an impressive archive of work. This website really is worth a good long look at, indulge...

Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson sadly passed away back in 1996, he was a fine artist like no other. Creating photo realistic photo's from sculptures, at first glance i thought the artist had just spent his career photographing fat americans but no he just sculpted them individually.... pretty amazing.

Jiggery Pokery

These girls (Lauren and Anna) clearly have a wicked sense of humour, and it shows in their unique style of work. They have featured on the front cover of Creative Review, and work in all areas art direction, photography and film... i guess thats 'jiggery pokery'??? Big things are expected from these girls in 2011... watch this space.

Jolby and Friends

This is the creative collaboration between Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, both american meeting in San Diego. Their styles bounce of each other very well making a smooth fun and attention grabbing mix. Attention to graphic detail and mark making is something to be desired, yum.

The Fairy Tale Project

A really great project which includes over 20 designers who have got together to illustrate one big fairy tale. Not to sure if there is going to be a printed version but i sure hope there will be, UWE's very own Jack Hudson is one of the contributors.

Ryan Haywood

Ryan Haywood's work is a compilation of line, texture, narrative and original styling. They are humorous drawings with a nieve style yet hold a distinct grown up direction. Ryan sells his zines and artist books through Cafe Royal Books, they are pretty nice.....

Alessandro Gottardo

Alessandro Gottardo's work in my eyes is massively understated, there is no real imagery that grabs you buy the scruff of the neck and demands attention, i feel they offer a more subtle (walking around an exhibition style glance) respect. They offer a glimpse alike a mystical mirror look into a snippet of someone's life, a split second of reality held forever in his lens (wow deep). Check out Woody Allen's portrait and you'll see what i mean...

Andy Remeter

Andy Remeter is an american designer/illustartor, who has caught my eye for a long time with the weekly cartoon 'Techno Tuesday'. His work is funny, to the point and always finished to an incredibly high standard (check his new robots). Patterns, colour, characters, design, graphicly wonderful!!!

Cafe Royal Books

Great site for artist books and underground little graphic diamonds, zines and fanzines... Cafe Royal Books was set up by Craig Atkinson who's work has been a big influence on my own, taking his interest and passion on a global scale ( LA, Japan, Belrin etc) is inspirational.